Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 10, 2011

Mr. Mouthwash
Today was Tani's last day training before heading back to school.  For those of you who don't know...Tani is a Division 1 soccer player that attends Penn State University so she comes to visit the gym when she's home for vacation.  The last time Tani was here, she did Fran with 37lbs and jumping pullups.  She did it in 5:02.  Jack had her do it again this time, but with band pullups and 60lbs, which is only 5lbs away from the normal women's weight.  She did a good job and we're always happy to have her at the gym.


Tani- 9:23 (60lbs, green band)

Last weekend, DB attended his combine and did awesome!  The combine is done by age groups and he was so advanced, they had to throw him in with the older boys.  He really blew everyone away!  These are some pictures of him at the combine.

Blowing past a Kahuku Senior.  Db's only a Freshman!! Way to go!!!!

And for today's WOD...he did...

100 squats
   for time

DB- 7:01

As for the rest of the crew, today was an open gym day.  This means they get to work on their skills, improve their weaknesses, and they can try to come up with their own WOD's if they want.  So it's pretty much a free day to have fun!

Practicing his muscle ups...

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