Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sunday-November 6, 2011

You have one hour to complete each of the following for time:
500m row
400m run
100 walking lunges
100 push-ups
100 Abmat sit-ups
You can choose the order and rest as long as you like, but you must finish within an hour

Coach Josh looking for his contact lens!

100 GHD's!!! No thanks!!!

Yo Foxy!!!

Killing the rower!!!

Go FloJo
Sweet lunges Jules!!!


  1. Nadyne aka Envy: 29:37
    Had a sore back this morning and didn't think I would do this WOD, but I got through it and feel pretty good for completing it. Back is still tender but I do feel more upright again. Great to have Ronnie Teasdale (Crossfit Mean Streets, Los Angeles, CA) join us for the WOD before flying home.

  2. Terry 26:49...The fun just never stops at FGB. Ronnie Teasdale drop by to WOD with us, great to have him comeback. Jack introduced him to some of his toys laying around the yard. Coach Josh dropped by also to Wod with us, always nice to see him. They both brought grat energy to our box...thanks to both of them.