Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday-July 11, 2012


After an absolute nightmare plane ride we arrived to LA's beautiful traffic, lots of it. Beat and with barely any sleep we drove to our hotel and found out that there was no chance of early check in because of some silly event called the Crossfit Games. Crossfitters everywhere!!! Legs, butts, abs, is this heaven??? We met a bunch of crossfitters who spotted me when I unvaled my shiney new Romaleos I had sent to the hotel (drool). Made new FGB family with Joy Bruning who is competing in the 50-54 masters this weekend. She is awesome!
We reeled the day in by visiting Valley Crossfit after an invite from our FGB homeslice Cla-ya. Amazing gym, amazing owner (Latch). After some indo boarding and handstand shenanagins we headed to LAX to meet up with... THE ONE... THE ONLY...SWEET BOY!!!! Hells yes bitches!!!
Straight to In-N-Out to bust Kristi's In-N-Out cherry. 4x4's, double-doubles, fries, soda, diabetes, YES!!! Back to the hotel for a nappy poo and then a hotel WOD!!!

-one arm snatch (50 lbs)

Jack-3:37(50 lbs)

Peanut-3:57(20 lbs)

Sean-4:30(45 lbs)

Pool, Shower, Dinner. Tomorrow is all about Gear shopping, Chalk City promoting, and Crossfit athletes being absolutely amazeballs!!! LET'S GET IT!!!

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