Thursday, July 12, 2012


Looks you guys are about to have some changes. I am sure the genius in Jacks programming will forge new results for all yall. Did my first workout at an actual Crossfit gym today. Nice facility and nice people but will NEVER replace FGB. Good luck you guys and HAVE FUN AT THE GAMES JACK and DANYELLE. It looks like it will be good.

WOD @ Rare Crossfit:
4 Round- x10 T2B/x15 Wall Balls (20#)/x20 DU/x10 Ring Dips/x15 KB Swings (55#)/ x20 DU
Time- 10:52


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  1. Cliff! I'm excited for you...finding a gym to go to! Still killing the WODs i see...keep it up!!! You can follow the games on ESPN3 online and the crossfit games website!!!! Look for us in the crowd! :)