Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4, 2011/ Park City Programming Day 4

Dog tired? Make sure you are getting your rest!

Sumo Deadlift
Work sets of 3 for 12 minutes
AMRAP 7 Minutes
7 Medball Cleans (20/14)
5 Burpees

Okay guys so first you are going to work some sumo deadlifts going a little heavy. Wide feet, hands on the inside, flat back, and weight on your heels, and bar against the shin and thigh. Lady's wear long socks, guys too if you have a modeling job. When done right you can pull some good weight. You will do this for 12 minutes doing sets of 3 reps. Make sure to get a good warm up in! Then you will get your 7 minute AMRAP in. Have fun!!!

Everyone needs to load and work with their own bars.  You only have 12 min. so don't try to help each other. You need to find your own weights!!  Clock starts after everyone gets a few sets in with weight.


  1. lmao....I feel like Wendo looks.

  2. Jack

    Sumo Deadlift- 405
    AMRAP- 6 rds + 8 Rx'd

  3. the weight that you guys need to post for the sumo deadlift is your highest 3 rep set you get in 12 min. If you do a weight but could only do 1 rep that is not the weight you post...

  4. Peanut

    Sumo Deadlift- 140
    AMRAP- 7 rds + 1 Rx'd

  5. Super stoked on todays WOD for two reasons. 1) I hit a PR in Park City, 405lbs x 3 reps! In the process of hitting my PR I realized how much I have been affected by the altitude. This whole week I been getting smashed, having to sub rounds, coming in really slow and generally just sucking pretty bad. Thought I was loosing shape. Now during todays deadlifts I noticed something. Usually when lifting heavy I barely get winded at all. Today I could not catch my breath, felt like a WOD. Altitude affects each person differently, Peanut has adjusted pretty well and been doing great. As for me its the same, don't quit and do the best I can.

  6. Nunn:

    Gave my best and worked hard to get back:

    279 lb sumo deadlift from the rack

    7 min amrap: 6 rounds + 4 with 15 # med ball

  7. Never looks hard on paper....good one.

    Sumo Deadlift - 260#
    7 min AMRAP
    7 Med. Ball cleans (20)
    5 Burpees
    6rds +3

    Good change of pace. Felt I had to use more legs in this one then normal deadlift. 12 min went by quick.

  8. OMG...Miss you

    SDL 122 lbs
    7 min Amrap
    7 Med. ball cleans (12)
    5 Furpees
    6 rds + 2

  9. the airdyne and i bonded today. again.

    30 sec airdyne (only arms)
    30 sec rest
    8 rounds

  10. Sumo Deadlift-170
    AMRAP-7 rds + 6 Rx'd

    Watched the video of the SDL, it looked easier than it was. I struggled with form as the weight increased, and knew that I was over thinking most of the movement. My mind got the best of me as I attempted 175, got one up, but then couldn't get the next two attempts. Med ball cleans and burpees were killer in the sun even if it was only for 7 minutes. Always having fun though!!

  11. Sumo DL - 335
    AMRAP - 6 rds Rx'd

  12. Animal Style:
    Sumo DL: 210
    Amrap: 7 Rds. +7

    I know what you mean, altitude affects me really hard too. I first discovered that when I went to ski in Utah with my aunt and uncle one winter!!