Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 11, 2011/ Park City Programming Day 7

15 Thrusters (135/95)
Run 200 Meters
20 Thrusters (95/65)
Run 400 Meters
30 Thrusters (65/45)
Run 800 Meters
For time


  1. This was such an awesome WOD because we had new friends join the ohana. It was so cool meeting Shane and Justine!

    Need to work on building stamina for the run on the road to recovery.

    Nunn: 17:11 (103#, 20 DB, 33#)

  2. Hey guys!

    firstly, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! We have never been so welcomed in all out lives to pretty much anywhere!!

    We are sooo happy that we came out to train with you guys. You have seriously made our trip to hawaii an unforgettable experience.

    We have made friends for life and that means the world to us.

    The workout was fun too!
    Justine: 13:08 - rx'd
    Shane 14:28 - 95/95/65

    We are going to try our best to fit in as much training as we can.
    Thanks once again. You guys rock!!

    In health and happiness,

    Shane and Justine

  3. Thanks Shane and Justine for dropping by. You both were super and willing to share trainig hints. We appreciate that. Hope you enjoy te rest of your stay in Hawaii. Please come back again and see us. Good luck and stay safe and healthy.

    Oh yeah the WOD Thanks Jack and Danyelle wore me out but liked the challenge. So much to work on but gotta remember It is better to have traveled well than reach ones destination.

    19:53 ( 95, 85, 75)

  4. Wall Balls 20# x 15
    Airdyne 1-1/2 min
    Wall Balls 14# x 20
    Airdyne 3 min
    Wall Balls 12# x 30


    Did I ever tell you I dislike doing wall balls? Haha! Did them all and still have to work on my form and not favoring the healing knee and all.

    Truly enjoyed meeting our new friends from "Down Under" - Shane and Justine! It was a treat having them work out with us! Take care and much Aloha to you both!

  5. Jack-

    21:08 Rx'd


    11:30 (2 rds/65/55)

  6. Oops, forgot the "6 min Airdyne" at the end.

  7. Animal Style: 17:13 (95, 65, 45lb)

    I don't know why, but I was just dying on this WOD today. I was able to cut a little time back off on the final run, but I just wasn't performing at best.

    It was really cool have Shane and Justine over though and they totally killed it. Inspirational to watch!!

  8. i did a sub wod on friday.
    100 burpees for time