Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 3, 2011/ Park City Programming Day 2

Camille Leblanc Bazinet

Complete the Following Tasks in any order
2 Attempts Max Second L-sit Hold
3 Attempts Handstand Walk for Distance
Max Weighted Chest to Bar Pull-up (you get 3 minutes from the start of your first attempt)
Backwards Overhead Medball Throw for Distance x 3 Attempts (20/14)
2 Rep Max Weighted Pistol Squat/leg (once you add load you get 3 attempts)
Post times, distance, & weights to comments


  1. BUAAAHAAAAA.....evil minds at work....gunna be a tester

  2. Peanut

    L sit holds- 20s
    Freestanding Handstands- 5s
    C2B Pullups- 3 (no weight)
    OH Med Ball Toss- 1 1/4 parking stalls (14lbs)
    Weighted Pistols- 15lbs

    Today was definitely a fun day! It wasn't a WOD that i was dying to catch my breathe on, but it was a good skill working day and i still felt my muscles working especially on the L-sits and the Handstands. I definitely have a few things to work on, but who doesn't?

    Hope you guys had fun with todays skill work!

  3. Jack

    L sit holds- 10s
    Handstand Walk- 36 ft
    C2B Pullups-10lbs
    OH Med Ball Toss- 2 1/2 parking stalls (20lbs)
    Weighted Pistols- 45lbs

  4. L- sit hold w/20" box - 33 sec.
    free standing handstand - 4sec.
    max pull up weighted red band + 25lbs
    OH Med ball Toss - 22' 3"
    Pistols BW straight legged on 20" box

    This was chalenging for me. First time I have really tried to do free standing handstands. Need to work at this one. Pistols have always been difficult for me so I have to be happy with what I did , I really was not sure that I would be able to do what I did. Was fun and it was fun to watch our crew.

  5. Jamie

    L-sit hold w/20" box - 48s
    free standing handstand - 2s (barely)
    c2b - no weight
    OH Med Ball Toss - 14'3/12" (14lbs)
    Pistols - 2 L BW on 20" box

    I liked today's workout. Practicing skills that I need a lot of work on but not struggling to breathe at the same time. Didn't realize how hard a hand stand is! It really kills my wrists!!

  6. L- sit hold w/20" box - 10 sec.
    wall walk then hold - 1:07
    max pull up black band - F
    OH Med ball Toss - 14# - 11'2"
    2 straight leg toe 12-1/2" box

    First time on the black band. Just confirms I have a long way to go but will continue to work my way up and hopefully get stronger. WOD was fun and different. Good change of pace.

  7. Flojos' times

    L-sit hold 20" box -29 sec.
    wall walk hold- 54 sec.
    Max pull up BW blue band
    Backward Med ball toss - 9'1"
    2 reps straight leg pistol 12 1/2" box