Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011

Today Jen came by for a WOD before she leaves on a business trip. She wanted something hard so this is what she got:
"Char Siu"
5 burpees
Then with the remaining time you will do power snatches (47lbs)
Workout is complete when you finish 75 snatches

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  1. thanks for the awesome WOD, jack! that really kicked my okole!! it got to be mentally challenging about half way through but i must admit it was still fun.

    some reflections: blowing through burpees did not help gain anymore power snatches because i got winded faster. it definitely helped finding a rhythm even it meant just getting a couple snatches in. taking one or even two rounds to catch my breathe helped with the following round of snatches. when the going gets tough, remembering that anyone, including yourself can do 'one of anything' even its a 100x. a few pep talks in my head helped with the mental challange half way through. you can do anything for a minute!!