Monday, August 22, 2011

August 23, 2011

Mikko Salo & Chris Spealler

-15 Wall Balls
-150m run 
5 rounds for time
For time


  1. Crossfit is like a box of chocolates...ya never know what your gunna

  2. 20 wall balls
    150m run

    3 rds


    Attempted to run again today. I think I did pretty good for one of the "Kneedys".

  3. For today's WOD, the weights were 14lbs for men and 8lbs for women and the standards were strictly kept. If the squats weren't deep enough or the wall ball not high enough or did not hit the target, it was considered a no rep. There was also an intended time domain, which was to be no longer than about 10 minutes so depending on where people were at in the WOD, the amount of rounds was cut short.

    Everyone did a good job today but even with the lighter weights, how did it feel with the strict standards?

    Jack- 7:25/14lbs

  4. Peanut- 8:02/8lbs

    Wall Balls are my nemesis, but with the lighter weight i felt like even though i was winded and could feel the muscle fatigue starting in my legs, i could do more reps in a row than if i was using the standard 14lb ball.

    I think this is a good way for people to get stronger at wall balls in general especially being held to strict standards. I personally enjoyed this WOD's weights and standards even if it felt a lot harder on my wind!

    This one was a nice little package of wonderful and horrible!

  5. S.T. - 10:10 (4 rds)

    Even though the weight was lighter, it was tough for me to stick to the strict standards. Not sure if it was because of the ball size, but it was difficult to hit my mark. Great challenge. Looking forward to doing this again...need to improve on my squats and strengthening my legs.

  6. 15 wall ball situps (12lb)
    150m run
    5 rnds

    i.can't.breathe. --my thoughts after running and doing wall ball situps.

  7. Terry 10:32

    I am happy to be back running...slow but moving again.

  8. Jmanator - 7:33

    Interesting when you are held to standard. The lighter weight is so much easier to throw but to get it to the target is a whole different story. Good to practice with the lighter weight. I'm feeling a little under the weather so feeling sluggish and out of breath.

  9. Animal Style - 6:56 RX'd

    I liked this one. I died right at the beginning of round 5.