Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 9, 2011/ Park City Programming Day 5

With a Partner Complete
4 Laps Around Building (1 person goes then the next goes) (800m)
300 Feet of a Wheel Barrow
200 Partner Jumpovers
50 Partner Clean and Jerks (165/115) (same time, same bar)
Run 4 Laps around the Building (800m)
For Time
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  1. Jack & Jake- 23:15/135lbs (done in PC)

  2. Christy & Peanut- 23:40/65lbs (done in PC)

  3. Nunn & Jmanator

    I liked the work out...it's fun doing it in teams!

  4. Flojo and Terry

    I enjoy doing team based wods. Gotta think about your partner and figure out the best way for both of you to finish. How to do a two person clean was cool. I am 6' tall and Flojo is 5' whatever so it made it interesting. The wheel barrow was way to funny but we got it done. This was cool!!

  5. the team wod sounded super fun!! my wod was still awesome...and my abs hurt today. a lot.

    15 ab mat wall balls (12lbs)
    80 ft sled pull
    15 pushups
    3 rounds

  6. Team based wods really make you examine the workout from another person's perspective, and it adds a lot of pressure when you've got someone holding a position for you or depending on your strength not to drop them etc. Was really fun and I was stoked I got Doug as my partner, didn't do any lifting during the partner cleans (don't tell him though)!!! Haha.

    Sean and Doug 30:05/135lbs