Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 19, 2011

The Islanderz came today and had the opportunity to do my most hated WOD..."Buck Furpees".  This WOD is without a doubt a hard one that sucks!!!!

"Buck Furpees"
450m Run
25 Burpees
4 rounds for time

Axe Murderer- 20:15
Lexi- 20:17
Smiles- 22:04
Megsz- 22:09
Shante- 22:42
Kaile- 22:50
BG- 23:31
Shelbey- 23:34
Nani- 24:14

We had an on ramp session today with sara, star, and shanna...the 3 S's!

10 Walking Lunges
5 Push Press
10 KB Deadlifts
   3 rounds for time

Sara- 3:52
Shanna- 4:01
Star- 4:02

Terry, Jamie, and Sheila did a nice short WOD since they have been missing a few workouts.


Jmanator- 2:16
Terry- 4:17
Sheila- 5:24

Doug and Michele missed the WOD on Sunday and Jack and I really wanted them to do that one so we gave it to them today.

7 min AMRAP of
   7 KBS (53/35)
   7 Hand Release Pushups

Showtime- 9 rds + 9 (20lbs)
Fresh- 9 rds + 6 (44lbs)

Since Nadyne has been hitting her workouts steady, she got to do one today that would make her breathe hard, practice the movement, and isn't too long.

DB Thrusters

Nadyne- 11:25 (15lbs)


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