Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 17, 2011

Jack and I did this WOD in Park City when we went up for our Level 1 Certifications.  We both PR'd on the WOD so were happy to know we are getting more fit.  It's one of those workouts that don't sound too bad, but once you start you realize just how hard it actually is.  Those hand release pushups really make the WOD horrible!!!  This is a really good WOD's super intense and quick, but totally do-able because of the small reps.

7 min AMRAP of
   7 KBS (53/35)
   7 Hand Release Pushups

Jack- 10 rds + 9 Rx'd
Jmanator- 8 rds + 7 Rx'd
Peanut- 8 rds + 3 Rx'd
Jen- 12 rds + 3 (20lbs)
Nadyne- 9 rds +4 (26lbs)
Sean- 8 rds + 7 (44lbs)
Kung Fu- 8 rds (44lbs)

Today was Terry's first day back after having knee surgery.  Hopefully the surgery will allow him to get back into the groove better than ever!  He did...

2 min. airdyne
7 Hand Release Pushups
   5 rounds for time

Terry- 12:21

Pua and Kawai came by today to get in a WOD.  Pua did a shuttle/squat WOD and Kawai did her first wall ball/ box jump WOD.

50ft Shuttle Sprint
50 Squats
   3 rounds for time


10 Wall Balls (5lbs)
10 Box Jumps (12")
   3 rounds for time

Kawai- 3:43

First time doing double unders!!
Lastly, we had an on ramp session with Shanna today.  It was her first day at the gym and it was a hot one so she definitely didn't get it easy today...but she did great!!

modified "cindy"
3 Ring Pulls
3 Pushups
8 Squats
   3 rounds for time

Shanna- 2:29


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