Monday, April 18, 2011

April 14, 2011

The Islanderz were supposed to come by today as well as the rest of the everyday crew, but since the roads were closed...nobody could get to us!!!! so...the girls took to the park and Jack sent them a WOD they could do there with their basketball coach.  They sent us some pictures...thanks guys!  The WOD was...

Basketball Court Shuttle Run
50 Squats
   3 rounds for time

Kaile- 6:32
Shante- 6:41
Lexi- 6:45
Kalai- 6:50
Heather- 6:51
Maile- 6:55
Tavae- 6:55
Megsz- 7:01
Nani- 7:05
Hoku- 7:12
Lana- 7:13

Classic...resting in the middle of a squat...hahaha

BG giving us a huge smile!


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