Monday, February 7, 2011

SuperBowl Sunday Feb. 6, 2011

Today was SuperBowl Sunday so you know what that's still a WOD day!  Here it is...the people that missed yesterday's wonderful workout got to do it today and for the rest of the crew, they had a hard legs day!!!

450m Run
1 mile Airdyne
1000m Row
450m Run

Jack- 13:22
Danyelle- 14:26
Sean- 14:53  **450m PR...1:37!!! only a second away from breaking the gym record! Good job!
Jmanator- 15:12
FloJo- 17:41
Nadyne- 21:30

Jack- I have been excited to do this WOD! I am not too fast on the runs but I am okay on the bike and the rower so I wanted to see how I could do. I am happy with my time but I think I could have gone into the 12's with a little better strategy.

150 Wall Balls
  for time

Jaimie- 9:25 (14, 12lbs) *switched half way
Sanja- 9:49 (14, 12lbs)
Matt- 18:28 (20lbs)
DB- 16:48 (20lbs, 100 reps)
Jen- 6:02 (8lbs, 85 reps)
Joanne- 5:22 (8lbs, 50 reps)

2 mile airdyne
2000m Row

Terry- 16:47

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