Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some New Gym Equipment

30 lb Rage ball purchased through Again Faster (http://www.againfaster.com/). This medicine ball is built very well and is a beautiful piece of equipment. I love dealing with Again Faster. They offer quick, friendly service and the best shipping to Hawaii for a Crossfit vendor.

Trust me, its heavy!!!
We also picked up a few pieces of equipment from Iron Woody (http://www.ironwoodyfitness.com/). These guys have some cool equipment and there prices are awesome! First pictures are of the fractional plates we bought from them. They come in 1/4lb, 1/2lb, 3/4lb, and 1lb weights. They are beautifully done, fit perfect with our bars, and are powder coated. These are great if you have hit a sticking point and the 2 1/2lb are a little to much. They are also great if you have 44lb or 33lb plates in your gym and you want to get the weight exact for your WOD.

We also ordered these adjustable Kettlebells from Iron Woody. They are a great addition to a home gym on a budget, $49 and they are adjustable from 2lbs up to 90lbs!!! Come as a pair and they feel great! I used them to make bridging weights for Danyelle and The Jmanator.

We also grabbed some bumper plates from Total Fitness USA (http://www.totalfitnessusa.net/index.html). They are bringing A LOT of Crossfit gear in!!! Andrew has been hard at it finding the best deals for the community. If you are planning on opening your own box this is a must stop visit. Getting your equipment from them WILL save you thousands of dollars!!!! From Rubber Flooring, GHDs, AB Mats, Bars, Dumbbells, Bands, Squat Racks, Medicine Balls, Concept 2's, Battling Ropes, Climbing Ropes, Bumper plates, and much more! These are Crossfit specialty items that were only available off island previously.

Our 25 lb bumpers are Apollo and the 15 lb bumpers are Hi-Temp. The 15 lb plates are a great weight! Although seldom used in normal gyms they work out perfect when doing WODs requiring 75lbs. They also save on using up all your 5 lb plates when doing large barbell classes.

WOD smashed me this time! (actually they smash me every time)
Again Faster (http://www.againfaster.com/) speed ropes, very fast and the best built on the market. They have bearings and swivel joints. Speed takes some getting used to, watch your toes!!!

I like Again Faster so much I applied to be their mascot!!!

A bunch of 5 lb and 2 1/2 lb plates from Sears. We were having trouble getting the weights right for the women on the WODs using barbells so we ran out and grabbed a few pairs.

A Yukon Fitness (http://www.yukon-fitness.com/) Glute Ham Developer (GHD). Good bang for your buck. Another gift from Terry and Nadyne to our gym. Shipped here the price was still very decent. Another consideration for those planning on opening a box. Excited to break it in!!!

I made a pair of half rings from PVC pipe from the hardware store. Seen a company making them but they were all out of stock so I made my own. They work just like regular rings but offer more elbow room and your triceps don't get killed on the buckles when working from lower bars. I like it! Added a little athletic tape to them and they are awesome!!! 

Another couple of items we grabbed on another trip to Total Fitness USA (http://www.totalfitnessusa.net/index.html). Back massager is heaven sent, at under $15 how can you go wrong? Spring collars for our barbell WODs. These work great, solid built and good clamping strength all for under $9. Calf stretcher works wonders, especially if you are doing a lot of double under practice. With this I can walk straight again! And finally the exercise bands, we bought them in strong, stronger, and launch you through the ceiling, LOL!!!! I admit I have not implemented them into my training but I now see why they are a valuable tool. They give the crew a more "realistic feel" when doing pull up WODs.

Ahh, you have no idea how good this feels!!!

Danyelle putting the bands to work. Chest to bar baby!!! She did here first WOD with the bands the other day and I am so proud of her. It was amazing to watch her squeeze out rep after rep without having to go to the box. Bandless pull ups will be soon to follow!!!

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