Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feb. 8, 2011

Jack started out his day with a private lesson then the rest of the crew started filing in to get their WOD done.

250m Row
5 Hip Extensions
5 Ring Pulls
  3 rounds for time

Grace- 6:24

500m Row
30  (20) Box Jumps (24")
25 (15) Hip Extensions
20 (10) Deadlifts (205lbs)
   3 Rounds for time

Jack- 29:12
Jmanator- 15:18 (85lbs, 20")
Danyelle- 16:53 (85lbs, 20")
FloJo- 19:41 (85lbs, 12")
Nadyne- 20:58 (120lbs, 6")

***Everyone except Jack did subbed reps.  The reps are in parentheses.

Jack- This was a long hard WOD! Four exercises just punishing the hips and hamstrings! Super shaky afterwards. 30 minutes of WOD, horrible in a beautiful way! I had the crew sub there reps because 30 plus minutes is too long of a time domain for them on this day. They had a hard week and I had 3 days off to work, therefore I hit it as Rx'd and I subbed them to put them in the time domain I saw fit.

DB Shoulder Press (35lbs)
Asst. Pullups

Terry- 7:47

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