Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kettlebell Certification Part 2

Jack and I attended the CrossFit Kettlebell Instructor Certification Course this weekend at CrossFit Ewa Beach.  http://crossfitewabeach.com/  Noel and Se the owners of CrossFit Ewa Beach are really great people.  Their hospitality for the cert was awesome and their gym is beautiful.  While we were there, we met alot of different people.  Some are there for military business, others are there for Crossfit reasons, and all are there to expand their knowledge on Kettlebells.

and hers

Jeff Martone is an awesome teacher...we couldn't have had a better person to take this cert from.  He is extremely relaxed and hilarious...that really takes away from your nerves! http://tacticalathlete.com/

swinging kettlebells for 6 hours or so and pretty much all his demos were done with a 62lb KB!!!

Compared to the CrossFit Level 1 Certification, this cert consisted of mostly hands on training and very little "classroom" work for two days.  That means the testing for this cert is strictly performance based....now that's the nerve racking part!!!  I have to admit that this wasn't an easy certification.  Jack and I felt like we had to re-learn everything about kettlebells, but we definitely learned alot!!!  The test wasn't easy either...I had a hard time learning the clean and snatch, but in the end it all came together and we both passed!  We have had awesome experiences with the Crossfit Certification courses so far...we are looking forward to attending many more!


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