Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 10, 2011

This will make you never want to do squats again!!!  My legs were soooo sore the next couple of days I looked into purchasing myself a segway!! LOL!!

This was my Segway salesman...and these are the models I looked into.
To drive on the road...
To do fancy stunts...
When I want to be patriotic with my red, white, and blue...notice the side mirrors for easy reversing
This was my favorite pick as long as they came with the guys shooting their little guns!!!

400 Squats for time

Danyelle- 17:59
Jmanator- 17:59
FloJo- 19:29
Nadyne- 24:13

1 mile Airdyne
25 Bench Dips
   5 Rounds for time

Terry- 21:45

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