Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 12, 2011

5 Handstand Pushups (pushups)
10 (7) Deadlifts @ 185lbs
10 (7) Chest to bar Pullups (jumping or ring pulls)
20 (10) Double Unders (30 singles)
   7 (4) Rounds for time

*subbed reps and movements are in parentheses.  Everyone except jack did the subbed reps, movements, and rounds.

Jack- 31:00 Rx'd
Jmanator- 7:03 (80lbs, jumping)
Matt- 8:00 (135lbs, jumping)
Sean- 8:24 (111 lbs)
Carrie- 8:30 (47lbs, ring pulls)
FloJo- 8:40 (63lbs, ring pulls)
Nadyne- 9:08 (100lbs, ring pulls)
Sheila- 9:45 (35lbs, ring pulls)
Terry- 10:17 (135lbs, asst. pullups, squats instead of jump rope)

After the WOD, Sean made his first attempt at asst. muscle ups.  

Then Jack did some pushups with Jamie on his back...

And of course Matt had to get in on the action...they didn't think he would be able to do it...

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