Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 21, 2011

i know i know...everybody and their sweat angels, but this one was pretty crazy...its a Park City sweat angel!

With today being a holiday, it was the perfect day for an on ramp session. We had a new addition to the gym today...Nunn!  We had Nunn do a good warm up this morning to get nice raise in his heartbeat, but to also get used to some of the equipment like the rower and the airdyne.  Whenever it's someone's first time to the gym...Jack does what we call a "fitness assessment" to see where they are in fitness level.  This way, he knows how to sub down WODs for them if they need to be.  You can never be too careful!!  So after the warm up, Nunn's WOD was:

5 Pullups (Ring Pulls)
10 Pushups (Hand Release)
15 Squats

Nunn- 6:14

Warming up with Hannah

Nunn has some knee problems from previous injury so the bucket is there to help stop him from overextending his knee.

12 Hang Cleans
12 Ring Dips
   5 rounds for time

Danyelle- 6:05 (50lbs)
Sean- 7:24 (65lbs)
Jmanator- 7:27 (45lbs)
Jack- 7:51 (95lbs)
FloJo- 8:06 (30lbs)
Terry- 8:44 (65lbs)
Nadyne- 10:20 (53lbs)

Jamie will love me for putting this picture on, but i had to...it was a good one! VIKING POWER!

5 Thrusters (135lbs)
10 Chest to Bar Pullups (ring pulls)
   5 rounds for time

Jen- 4:52 (20lb med ball)
Joanne- 4:46 (10lb DB's)


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