Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pain Storm, May 11, 2011

The 4:15 class did yesterdays WOD. They did an awesome job! It was really an amazing WOD to watch! It is something to behold to watch a Division 1 athlete attack a WOD. Then we got Pua, only 14 years old attacking the WOD and holding her own. Less than three weeks ago Pua did her first deadlift, then proceeded to do a WOD that included deadlifts immediately afterwards. Her weight in that WOD was 65lbs. Today she pulled 115lbs!!! Then there's DB, a 15 year old Football monster!!! First time he did a deadlift WOD here he only used 185lbs. Today he pulled 275lbs!!!! All three of them really took it to another level today. It was just one of those workouts where you just know you are watching something amazing happening!

12 minute AMRAP of:
-5 deadlifts (315lbs/205lbs)
-100m run
-10 pistols (25 standard squats)
-100m run

Tani- 5 rds+8 (135lbs)
Pua- 4 rds+16 (115lbs)
DB- 4 rds (275lbs/standard squats)

And they are off!!! Check out DB's arms!!!
Barbells are barely on the ground and they are getting the heck out of there!!!
They are rolling!!!

This girl is not playing around!!! POWER!!!!
Check out the definition in Pua's legs!!!

Pua kicking butt!!!
Looking good D!!!

Todays WOD for the crew comes to us from Crossfit Mean Streets ( This is a version of the Crossfit Football WOD "Kalsu" ( . At this time that WOD would be a little much for my crew so I liked the format of the Mean Streets WOD. Here is how it went down:


Five 2 minute rounds with 2 – 5 minutes rest between rounds.
In each round, at the top of each minute do 5 burpees. Then in the remaining time, accumulate as many thruster reps as possible.
So 5 burpees to start, then thrusters for the rest of the first minute, 5 burpees then thrusters for the rest of the 2nd minute, then rest.
Rx load is 135lb/ 95lb.
CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

Danyelle has perfect balance between her three shoulder heads

Check out Danyelle's arms!!!
We are in the suck now!!!

Damn look at Sean's back!!!
Damn Flo Jo, what you so mad at? Matt, just follow the rules!

This one hurt, BAD!!! I've been loving these little AMRAP's broken up with rest periods, its like the best of both worlds!!! My goal used to be a decent Fran time, it's changed. I want to be able to do "Kalsu" as Rx'd!!!!

Here is a little more on "Kalsu" (

People are amazing!!!

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