Friday, May 13, 2011

May 10, 2011

First session of the day was Jen at 4:15. She did yesterdays WOD of:

-250m row
-10 wallballs (30lbs/20lbs)
-3 wall walks
-3 rounds for time

Jen- 10:31 Rx'd

The 5:15 crew had a tough one today!!! Hip, hands, legs, glutes, and back were all smashed on this one!!!
Here is how it read:

 12 minute AMRAP
-5 deadlifts (315lbs/205lbs)
-100m run
-10 pistols (25 standard squats)
-100m run

Jack- 4 rds+2 Rx'd
Peanut- 5rds (105lbs)
Matty Ball Z- 4 rds (199lbs/standard squats)
Showtime- 3 rds+19 (129lbs/standard squats)
Fresh- 4 rds (203lbs/standard squats)
Flo jo- 4 rds+5 (80lbs/standard squats)
Terry- 3 rds+29 (175lbs/standard squats)
Sean- 4 rds+6 (121lbs)
Shanna- 4 rds (73lbs/standard squats)
Nadyne- 3 rds (152lbs/standard squats)


Fresh and Sean playing around with some ring dips

Jmanator and Kung Fu finished out the day with yesterdays WOD also:

-250m row
-10 wallballs (30lbs/20lbs)
-3 wall walks
 3 rounds for time

Jmanator- 9:59 Rx'd
Kung Fu- 13:06 Rx'd

Afterwards I put a little work in with my elevation mask, ROUGH!!!! Here is what I did:

-250m row
-10 wall balls
  3 rounds

I did the row and the wallballs back to back but rested as needed between rounds. That mask sucks!!!

Here is the board for the day:

Here is a cool video from SICFIT:

Those Who Know Are | SICFIT from SICFIT on Vimeo.

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