Saturday, May 14, 2011

Open Gym, May 12, 2011

The crew was having a pretty brutal week so today I decided to program an open gym to let them practice skills, weaknesses, and have some fun in a relaxed atmosphere. Sean really pushed himself today! Not only working his weaknesses, he hit a WOD, and then went on to set a gym PR for the 450m run!!!! Damn, what did YOU eat for breakfast??? LOL!!! Here are some pictures from the day:

You go girl!!!

Roll it out!!! Trigger Point starter kits available at Total Fitness!!! (
Lifeline assisted push up/ pull up device, bad ass and cheap. Also available at Total Fitness USA (
Glad our wall is tall enough for Sean's wall walks!

NICE!!! Just a few weeks ago Sean could not get a ring dip!!! You get out what you put in!!!
Almost to Molokai!!!
Looking good!!!
Burpulls suck, but in a good way!
Damn, check out Sean's shoulders
Wow, that is all I can say!!!
My two little Firebreathers!!! Look at Halie's shoulder position on her PVC overhead pistol!!! DAMN!!!

Got Hops?

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