Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thursday-February 9, 2012

5 Rounds for Time

7 OHS (135/93)

Run 200m

If you have to scale do the OHS as heavy as possible.



  1. carmi - 9:26 (85 lbs) OHS r one of my weaknesses so just gotta keep plugging away! that's one of the beauties of's such an all encompassing workout that it is bound to expose weaknesses. but that's a good thing because knowing where your weaknesses are and what u need to work on will only make you stronger & better.

  2. Peanut- 8:41 (45lbs) Slowly getting back my strength day by day...OHS felt good was shot from yesterday, felt like i was running in mud!!!!

  3. Ken - 7:32 (40 lbs) a new PR for my OHS in a WOD. Always tough because of my shoulder flexibility, but felt pretty good.

  4. Claire - 9:16 with 42lbs. PR for OHS WOD weight since I got back into Crossfit. I'm getting stronger again! YAY! Thanks FGB!!! I'm not a fan of running, so that made it hard for me.. But I was happy to do it:)

  5. 9:36 rx'd Second day on the Achilles comeback trail. Easy run, time for 135 lb. Felt 450m from yesterday! Ran in Danyelle's mud!. Good so far. 135lb was good with easy jogging. 75% on last round run. Feels awful to run! Lost a lot of fitness not running!!! Eye of the tiger!!! Comeback trail is challenging & fun!!!