Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sunday-February 12, 2012


“I Love My Bumper Plate”

5 Rounds:

15 Push-ups with your feet raised on bumper plate (thighs are not allowed to hit the ground)

50 Feet of: Lunge Lunge Squat Squat bear hugging your bumper plate

20 Ground to Overhead with Bumper Plate

Rx’d Plate is (45/35 for all movements)


  1. Ken - 27:52 (35 lbs) after a long WOD together, my bumper plate and I are spending some time apart. I'm recovering from the intensity of the relationship.

  2. LOL nice Ken!!!

    Peanut-20:47 Rx

    This was a tough one but not as bad as yesterday...but like Ken said, my bumper plate and I have now separated and I'm filing for divorce! :) I actually liked this was horrible but good horrible!

  3. Terry 20:56 (25 lbs) I love my bumper plate....but right now I don,t like it. Thia was difficult after the wod before. Dizzy, and almost lost my liquid breakfast.

  4. I liked this one because it added a dimension of humor that we don't often get with workouts. Not that it made it any easier, it still sucked!! But it did add a little entertainment.

    Animal Style - 24:48 Rx

  5. carmi - 19:40 (20 kg bumper plate) was hoping to do this a bit faster but i guess the 10x250m sprint rows didn't help. my legs and glutes r toast!