Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thursday-February 23, 2012

What's Your Excuse? Kyle Maynard.

                                                                           10- wall climbs 
20- box jumps
30- burpees 
40- pushups 
400m run
60- over partner leg jumps
70- air squats
800m run
For Time
*Each team must also hold a 45lb or 25lb plate during the entire workout. The plate must never touch the ground until the WOD is completed. Switch off plate hold during run as desired.



  1. Ok, I totally want to do this here, but what is a "leg jump" over partner? Oh, and I don't have any plates to carry. This just sounds killer and with lots of different stuff.

  2. Claire: 23:27. Not enough people came to class so I did the wod without a partner. Did half of each reps, but full runs and carried a 26# kettlebell on the runs. Although, I was barely able to run with that thing.. more walking. Subbed an extra 10 box jumps because I can do wall walks. One armed burpees too. It was hard but I felt good after :)

  3. Peanut & Rick- 19:19. This WOD was a good one!! We haven't done a partner WOD in a while so it was a also a good change especially since the open is here...bring some fun into the gym with all the serious competition going on!

  4. Holding a plate: ok... Running with a plate: sucks! Great WOD. Community building!!!

  5. Where's the "LIKE" button for the above comment??!!

  6. Ken and Karen - 26:47. Another tough one, but fun to partner up. I hadn't seen my bumper plate for a while, but, when we got back together, it was clear it had put on some weight. The 450m carrying it was rough but satisfying.