Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! Jan. 1, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!  To start out the new year, Jack and I decided to participate in the Lululemon Fitness Challenge by hosting one of the many FREE classes being offered throughout the month of January.  The challenge is to go to a new class everyday of the month and fill out your punch card.   At the end, take your card into Lululemon Ala Moana and you can enter to win special prizes.
To find out more info go to and to download the schedule of classes go to

So the class began with a short introduction of what CrossFit is and it's 10 General Skills. Then everyone was broken into groups for their warmup.  In the warmup, we went over the form for each of the movements that were going to be showing up in the WOD and we wanted to get everyone's heart rates moving a little bit.  We had a range of fitness levels here today and many have never tried crossfit before so we decided on a Fight Gone Bad style WOD so that people could rest when needed and those that didn't need the rest could really push themselves.

   3 rounds for reps

*You get 1 min. per station for a total of 5 minutes with a 1 min. rest between rounds.

Lala the Smiley Smurf!!

Too much to drink last night?!?!

Jack and I want to say thank you to all our help for the day.  Our everyday crew volunteered to help with the class so that everything ran smoothly.  Thank you to all the people that showed up today.  It was a pleasure to meet you and train you and we hope to see you guys again. You all were wonderful and did awesome in the workout.  We hope we provided you with a good crossfit experience and that you all crossfit again.  Again, thank you so much for coming and helping make today fun and memorable!

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