Friday, June 1, 2012

Hey FGB,

Been taking a break for a little bit from working out so I havent been posting anything lately. Just got back into it today though. Sorry, but forgot to bring the cam with me when I headed to the park. Ill be sure to get pictures though.  Also I just purchased some high temp bumper plates, so once those get here my workouts are about to be getting a lot more varied and hopefully Ill be able to do more of the same stuff as you guys. Hope all is well :)

6-1 WOD
Five Rounds:
x21 Pullups

Hilly neighborhood and thick swing set beam
Time- 13:27


  1. Nice to hear from you cliff!! Hope you guys are settling in well...sounds like you had a good WOD! Keep up the training!!

  2. Aloha Cliff

    thanks for keeping in touch with us. Glad you are settlrd. Keep working hard and be careful.

  3. Thank you Danyelle and Terry. Hey Danyelle, did you guys ever get those shirts in? I am excited to show off more of my FGB pride here in VA ha.

    1. Yes cliff we did...send me your address and I will get them shipped out to you asap