Tuesday, June 12, 2012

FGB Northwest

Whats up FGB.  I have been working in some workouts while I have been out and about exploring the city.  Sorry, this is a long post, hope everyone is doing well.

The gym on my floor is limited as far as Crossfit standards but rather convenient.

On Friday I did two:
WOD #1:
Every minute on the minute 20 double unders for a total of 15 minutes.
I also included a 10 burpee penalty for every round which I missed my number.  I missed twice.

WOD #2:
6 DB Power Snatch @ 50lbs Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes.
 Same penalty.  Missed no rounds.

Saturday: rest including drinking some beer at Safeco field, Dodger vs. Mairners

Sunday: rest/regret beer consumption

Monday: 3 min max effort followed by 1 min rest
push ups 70
15 lbs kb swing (that is the only weight I have) 107
Situps 94
Squats 115

total: 386

Tuesday:  I just did this work out and I dedicate it to Jack.  Its called 'Burpees hate Wallwalks.'  There was no blood, but I kinda wish there was, because it would have just made sense.

WOD #1:

10, 9, 8... 1 wall walks
1,   2, 3... 10 db power cleans 50 lbs
5,   5, 5... 5 burpees
each round has 16 movements for 10 rounds.

37:03. terrible.


  1. Glad to hear you are doing good and have time to explore the new city...We miss you here at FGB, but we LOVE getting your blogs!! Another set of sweet WODs.

    P.S.- I AM waiting for my first picture of blood!! :)

  2. Lmao....Beers are always the worst part of any WOD. Take care....too funny!!!!