Thursday, June 7, 2012

FGB Northwest, hello seattle

I have spent the last couple of days getting the apartment ready and unpacking boxes.  Today I finally had time for a wod.

Urban Wod #1:

Walk 1.5 miles to trader joe's
active rest(shop for food)
Walk 1.5 miles to apartment 25 lbs in each hand shopping bag farmers carry

unfortunately, I forgot to time.

I have finally kicked the lethargic jet lag feeling, so I think I will do a second wod.

Wod #2:
Apartment complex is 17 floors. 
Climb 1 flight of stars, 3 hspu, 7 squats x 17.
totaling 51 hspu, 119 squats, and 306 stairs.

time, yet to be determined.

Hope everyone is doing great.

Torch (Sean)

ps.  this is the view outside the apartment.


  1. Sweeeet!!! Love the pictures, love the WODs!! We miss you already...sooo different without the Torch being here. :(

  2. the new gym space and the lovely skies. Hope all is well we really miss you. Thanks for checking in. Take care.

  3. Great to hear from you! Like the urban wod but somehow I don't think we could convince Jack and Danyelle to incorporate that into one of our wod's! Beautiful apartment view! Take care. We miss you!

  4. Dude, nice way to improvise the workout man and sweet view. Glad to hear your settled in and life in the new area is coming together.