Monday, October 24, 2011

Thursday-October 27, 2011

On 3:00 Intervals complete the following

5 Deadlifts & 50 Wallball
Rest 1 minute
4 Deadlifts & 40 Wallball
Rest 1 minute
3 Deadlifts & 30 Wallball

Gold:  275/193  Silver:  205/153  Bronze:  Scale as needed.  Wallball Rx is 20/14, scale if needed. If you are finished before the 3 minute mark it is just extra rest. Score is reps completed. Perfect score is 132.



  1. Ey guys!! Got a spare afternoon to give this workout ago! It was great.

    I got a score of 132 with a deadlift of 125kg which is 275lbs I continued from 3 and 30 down to 1 and 10 wall ball. Felt kinda unfinished and them last two rounds were not that hard.

  2. Good WOD. Due to all the wall balls, I felt like I had a touch of restless leg syndrome during the evening...I'm sure it's just working the areas that really need it...Due to the WB weight, I was able to work on my form and work a little faster than usual.