Monday, October 10, 2011

October 16, 2011

Ronnie Teasdale 85lb Overhead pistol!!!

Complete 10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 reps for time of:

Thruster (.385 X BODYWEIGHT)
Abmat sit-ups
Run 100m between each set


The score

Got 48' 6" today!

Ice Bath!!!

Gluten free cookies!!!


  1. thats awesome!!!! I gotta try that... and on a KB!

  2. 10:38 - 35kgs
    thrusters/style sit-ups/150m run

    Wasn't sure if you wanted runs after every set so I just ran an extra 50m after
    Each complete set so 10 thrusters 10 sit-ups 150m sprint etc

    Great workout guys

    Miss you all that's why I did this workout so I could connect on a workout from Australia

  3. Damn bro you killed it!!! And with a bunch of extra meters!!! It wasa 100m after ever block of thrusters and situps! You go boy!!!

  4. Hey right on Shane-o, hope we do you proud tomorrow!!! You gave us a he'll of a time to chase!!

    Take care,

  5. Hey Sean! :)

    Thanks mate. I really wanted to do this workout proud. I knew you were all going to see it! haha

    Let me know how you all went! Can't wait to see the results!!!

  6. Nunn: 13:10 (75lbs)
    Thanks to Jack and Rick, my rack has improved making my WODs improved

  7. Terry 14:24 (65 lbs)....Shane nice to hear from you...welcome back anytime.

    When running is involved it is always hard....try to run as fast as I can but never seems fast enough...tired of watching sean pass me job partner!!!

  8. Animal style - 14:17 (65lbs.)
    Uncle, every time I see you you're always haulin' ass!! I think I just have that little bit of a longer stride than you... (and maybe a few years, haha). But I was just saying today that how say you feel about you're running I was feeling about my thrusters. Just no explosion, and very slow coming out of the bottom. But as jack explained to me a lot of that was due to the programming for the last week or two. Anyway, excellent job from everyone as always!!

  9. Jack- 14:19 (75lbs) Slow, slow, slow but trying my best!!
    Shane you crushed that WOD!!! Holy Cow!!!

  10. Peanut- 14:49 (55lbs)

    So i went a bit heavier than the prescribed 38% of BW, and the thrusters felt good but slow...the run on the other hand did not feel good!!! I feel like my running is always slow when its a sprint...need to work on my explosion!

    Shane- nice to hear from really killed this WOD! Hope all is well!