Monday, May 21, 2012

Tuesday-May 22, 2012

warm up

8 x 100m sprints

*sprints progress from 50%-100%

20 Min AMRAP
10- wall ball (20/14)
10- pullups
5- pass thrus
10- grasshoppers (touch right, touch left= 1)


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  1. Peanut- 8 rds + 5 Rx

    This WOD was harder than it looked for was actually kind of weird. I coached this WOD before I actually did it and it was the strangest thing to watch people do pass thrus as part of their WOD, but when I did the WOD...the pass thrus were a nice little breather but in no way a break from the WOD. The reps for this WOD were small enough that you really didn't have to break it up or take too much of a pause between rounds which definitely made it suck more. As always, great WOD! Love that it was so different!