Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On the Road WOD #1

Hey guys,

This is my first WOD while on the road. I flew out Tuesday night, arrived at LAX in the morning and we started driving immediately. We arrived in Tucson, Arizona around 9 PM and I just finished the workout. No warmup; I just dove into it. Was slower than I wanted, but I had a long day. Hope you guys enjoy following the travel and I will MISS YOU ALL.

x100 Double Unders
x80 Sit-ups
x60 Burpees
x40 Pistols (alt.)
x20 Walk Climbs

Time- 16:55


  1. You rock Cliff!!! We love and miss you!!!!! There is a emptiness in the gym without you!!!

  2. This is awesome cliff!!! Super stoked on the pics of the wall walks on the side of the building! That's awesome! We hope you had a great flight and a good drive so far! WE MISS YOU ALREADY!! :)