Thursday, May 17, 2012

On the Road WOD #2

Hey FGB,

This is my second day on the road. We spent less time traveling today which allowed us all to get a better night's sleep. I am in El Paso right now staying at a hotel next to Fort Bliss and was fortunate enough to make it to a gym. I did two WODs today. Unfortunately, I misread Tuesdays WOD and did it a little different, but I was able to do today's one. Sorry, no pictures today either. No one wanted to take any.  Hope all is well.

WOD A: Five Rounds x10 Deadlifts @225/ x5 Burpees
Time: 2:59

About 20 minutes later. . .

WOD B: 5min AMRAP of Burpees
Score: 81 burpees


  1. Hey guys the cursive font is hard to read, too artsy...almost impossible on a mobile device

  2. Must be getting old Cap....we all have no problem reading the blog!!!

  3. Nice job on the WODs today Cliff...glad you can still kick our asses from Texas!! Keep it up and we all LOVE getting the blog updates from you! Thanks again!

  4. YAY Cliff we miss you already!
    REALLY CAP??!!! Come on... Do you need glasses?