Thursday, May 24, 2012

Finally Finished

Hey FGB,

Sorry I didnt get the chance the post anything for the past few days. Been in a few places with no internet, but my family and I have finally reached our destination. Didnt have the chance to get any pics, but I will try to get some pictures of future WODs.  Here is what I did during the days of no internet.

WOD 5/21/2012
6 Rounds: 400m/ x15 HSPU
Time: 15:24

WOD 5/22/2012
ANGIE- x100 pullups/ x100 pushups/ x100 situps/ x100 squats
Time: 15:05
Ended up doing my situps in an ant hill and got bit up pretty bad around my mid section, but still finished the WOD :)

WOD 5/23/2012
x5 C2B
x15 Squats
x5 Ring Dips
Total- 27 + 2 rounds

P.S. Pictures will come; miss you guys


  1. Hi Cliff, happy to hear from you and that you and your family got there safely. Hope you can find a great home box or gym so you can stay away from woding with ants! Although they probably pushed you even faster than you already are! Miss you! Aloha, Aunty Nadyne

  2. Hi Cliff....glad to hear from you. We miss you to. Keep safe and stay in touch. Wishing you all the best for your future

  3. Glad you all got to your destination safely. Seems like you all got there so quickly! Looks like you've been busy while traveling with those WODs...good job! Way to push yourself...especially through all the ant bites!! Yikes! Excited to see some pics of your new set up...keep up the hard work!

  4. CLIFF! We miss you for sure! Good luck in finding a new box! Wear your FGB shirt the first day ;) Good job on your WODs! Have you planned your return visit yet.. haha! Keep up the good work!!