Saturday, May 19, 2012

On the Road WOD #3/4

Hey FGB,

This blog entry counts for yesterdays WOD (May 18) and todays WOD (May 19). We made it from San Antonio to Port Arthur, Texas to visit my dad's side of the family. As always I hope all is well and thank you all for the opportunity to do this and the lessons I've learned from FGB.
"Don't be controlled by the RX."
May 18 WOD:
x42 Squats/ x21 Pull-ups
x30 Squats/ x15 Pull-ups
x18 Squats/ x9 Pull-ups
Completion: x182 squats and 90 pull-ups total

May 19 WOD:
Five Rounds: x5 muscle ups/ x50 squats
Time: Very very slow ha

Here is a hand stand picture of my 2 second handstand with a semi wedgie in the desert of Texas.


  1. Hahahahaha!!! Love the quote and love the picture!! You've been hitting some hard WODs on the road Cliff...glad they're not the ones we're doing here! :) can't wait for your next blog entry!

  2. Oh and btw, I find it hard to believe that anything you do is SLOW!!!

  3. You rock Cliff!!! Look forward to your blogs every day! If you have time I would love for you to keep us posted on your Crossfit journey even after you reach your destination. Now go do Fran!!!


  4. haha, thanks you guys. I will try my best :)

  5. Hi Cliff! I look forward to reading your posts and followng your trek across America! We miss you! We have had some good WODs lately that you would've just killed with lots of time to spare! Happy Crossfitting! Aloha, Aunty Nadyne

  6. We sure miss you Cliff!! Love seeing your posts.. And I second to Danyelle, I am sure that 2nd wods time was NO WHERE NEAR slow. LOL. Don't be so hard on yourself, remember? :)

    And we also would love to follow your Crossfit journey once you get to a new gym :)


  7. cliff! u da man! u make the "semi-wedgie" look good! ;p please do keep us posted on ur crossfit odyssey 2! keep in touch bro. aloha! \m/