Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sunday- January 29, 2012

"Donny Shankle Fundraiser WOD"

3 minutes work
3 minutes rest
3 rounds
Weight is 70% of max power clean
-1 deadlift
-3 jump shrugs
-1 squat clean
-amrap jerks
-score is your total jerks across three rounds
-bar stays in hands at all times once picked up
-if you drop you must do complex to get to the jerks


  1. Nadyne - 44 jerks (62 lbs). Hard WOD shared with good people! Happy to support Donny Shankle! BBQ get together after was a great idea! Good job everyone, and great eats!

  2. Hey I really appreciate what you are doing out there for me. You guys and gals are kickin ass. Keep up all the hard work and I'll be out there soon to train with you.

  3. Terry 22 jerks (125)...Great wod , good reason. Great get together after. Nice to hear from Donny....glad Seannie Shankle didn,t intimidate him....LOL

  4. Jack- 31 reps @ 175lbs
    One work, ouch!!! Thank you for commenting Donny!!!

  5. Peanut- 24 reps @ 75lbs

    Not the best WOD to do when coming back from being sick....definitely an ass kicker!!! Great WOD with great people for a great cause!! Thank you Donny for commenting....we would LOVE for you to come train with us!!!

  6. carmi - 34 reps @ 155 lbs. not an easy workout at all! thank you donny for inspiring me with this WOD!

  7. I LOVED this WOD! Good luck Shankle!!

  8. Oh yeah, I forgot...47 reps @77lbs (or 35K in true USAW language)

  9. 175 lb 3:00 17 reps (12, 3, 2) 1 round
    Tweaked neck coming in today, DNF
    This is a great complex!!! Awful, awesome!!!
    Good luck Donny!!!

  10. Jack- 31 reps @ 175lbs
    I have never be more proud of a workout! Thank you Donny for the template and thank you to my sick mind for the rest!!!!