Sunday, July 31, 2011

Star F***ers

The most feared man in my home box, Ronnie Teasdale!!!
Watch out for this guy, he don't F**k around with his training. They train HARD with no excuses!!! Future Games Crusher is my prediction!!!!
Athletes await the announcement of WOD 7
Emcee and former Arm Wrestling Champion Travis Bagent
Jeremy Kinnick
Rob Orlando!!!!!
Peanut would totally take him!!!!
20 year Navy Seal and Leader of Kokoro Camp Mark Divine. I made him laugh cause I am a dork!!!
Katie Hogan!!!!
She is actually like two feet taller than me!!! Severe ducking going on!!!
325lb Thrusters? No problem!! Been Crossfitting since Janurary? No Problem!!! Danny Nichols
240lbs is his bodyweight and he was chosen to do Amanda for his regional team WOD!!! Thats 9-7-5 Muscle ups & Squat Snatches (135/95). Oh ya, they won the event!!!!!
THE CHANS ARE READY!!! Matt & Cherie Chan!!!
Chan Fan Squared!!!!
Former Navy Seal Pat Sherwood
Peanut would take him

2008 Crossfit Games Champion and brand new mother Tanya Wagner!!!!  Everyone should look that good after a child...what's your excuse?

Box owner and UFC Badass Jason "The Athlete" MacDonald
Current Navy Seal and backed by the Sea of Green Mafia, Joshua Bridges!!! See a pattern here anyone??? Peanut would take him!!!
He fights at 185lbs!!! Made him laugh too

Former Navy Seal and Crossfit Games WOD programmer "The Dave Castro"

Former Navy Seal and present day Ninja WENDO!!!!

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  1. I think WENDO is gonna be one to watch for in future games!!! Looks like an ANIMAL!!!