Friday, July 29, 2011


Santa Monica Pier
It's very late, me and Peanut are beat, burnt, and dehydrated so I will keep it short. Today at the Games has been the best day of my life. The crowd, the people, simply amazing. Many of us average Crossfitters get caught up in trying to be fast and trying not to "look" too bad in front of others when training. I will tell you what, in this community its all about the effort, time does not matter. I sat and watched as this  stadium full of the worlds fittest people helped their own through grueling WOD's with cheers, screams and love. When a competitor crushed a WOD they cheered.  But, but..., when one of the athletes struggled, could not lift a weight, could not get up the rope, or could not finish a workout THAT is when they really cheered, and screamed. Something about an athlete crying on the floor unable to make a rope climb suddenly picking themselves up through screams and cheering and encouragement and getting up that rope and hearing the stadium erupt in a frenzy so loud you cant hear yourself think. Gives me chills. Can't put it into word really. So next time you are fighting through a WOD, everybody is done and you just don't know if you can get another rep, remember one thing. The REAL Crossfitters love to see Elites do their thing, but overcoming adversity with the help of your family is really what drives this community. The cheers for the fast are loud, but the cheers for those struggle are deafening and will never be forgotten. Humbled.

Tony Budding
Matt Chan in front row. He is huge!!!
Kristan Clever's mom
The lady's hit the water

Amanda Allen
Nick Urankar
Dave Lipson!!!!
Speal! Speal! Speal!
It's on!!!
Viking Power!!!

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  1. This is the exact same feeling I got from watching the games for the first time (besides getting totally pumped that is) but I don't know if I could have put it as beautifully as you just did. And thanks again for all the pics of my crossfit crush!!!