Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Hero's We Honored

Thank you everyone who came out to support the 31Heroes WOD today. Here is a picture of the 30 we honored today. Number 31 was a service dog. Thank you Rick for all your hard work, support, and equipment. Thank you Andrew for all the support you and your family business gives us, we could not do it without you guys! Thank you Coach Tyler from Crossfit East Oahu for WODing with us, come back anytime!!! Thank you Sam and Elsa from 3-2-1-GO Hawaii!!! for coming by with your awesome INOV-8's to show the crew, and for answering all the questions. Also thank you so much for hanging out with us, it means a lot! Please come down and hit a WOD with us!!! Thank you to my awesome crew and family for your support, friendship, and making an awesome birthday for me. Doug, Michelle, Jen, Uncle Terry, Aunty Nadyne, Mom, Carmi, Jamie, Nunn, Matt, Sean, Joanne, without you guys there is no gym. No gym, no dream. You guys can come and train anytime too I guess, LOL! Thank you Matt for being one step higher then a wing man to me, my GRILL MAN!!!!And Thank you especially to Danyelle for all the support and help to make my dreams come true, love you. If I missed anyone I am sorry, been a long day. Love you guys and see you tomorrow at 1:30!!!!


  1. I am always honored when we do a hero WOD. Yesterday was extra special in that we were able to not only honor those who died but we were able to show some appreciation to their families who lost so much. What we did was nothing compare to all of their sacrifices. This had nothing to do with numbers or was just about pushing as hard as one could for 31 min. for the ultimate sacrifice of 30 extraordinary men and 1 extraordinary dog. I was honored!!

    Thanks to everyone who came by to WOD with us it was special. Andrew and Rick you both are awesome in the way you have supported our little box. To everyone in our little box you are all the best. Jack and Danyelle thanks for what you do and everything you both do for us. I am very proud of both of you. Love you both.

  2. Congrats to everyone there for giving this workout their all like I know everyone did. I'm really bummed I wasn't there to do it with you all but I was there in spirit!! Happy birthday jack!!

    See you all tuesday!!

  3. Thank you to everyone for participating and supporting those 31 Heroes that made the ultimate sacrifice for us. It was a lot of fun and an honor to try to honor these heroes and their families.

    Thank you Sean! Wish you could have been here to do the WOD with us, but we're happy you got to participate up in Canada! Looks like you and your partner kicked some butt! Glad to see you having fun and doing so well up there. See you tuesday!