Sunday, September 25, 2011

Coach Josh's Class

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  1. Nice job all did god today.

    Welcome back into the mix Jack! Nice WOD to come back to.

    Congratulations Rick on blowing everyone sucks when your done and i'm only half way...NOT WELCOME ANYMORE!!! LOL!

  2. Terry 22:55...Thanks coach Josh appreciate your help. You reinforced alot of what Jack and Danyelle have been teaching us and we learned new warm ups and mobility.
    Everyone was terrific today...great wod. Welcome back Jack.

  3. awesome wod today. thanks coach josh for coming out today. really appreciate your time and coaching.

    jen-12:29 (83lb DL/30lb PJ)

  4. Nadyne - 21:07 (95 lbs DL / 52 lbs. PJ)

    Challenging WOD and everyone did a great job. Thank you Coach Josh for visiting and guest coaching. I learned a lot from the warm up exercises as well as the WOD. Mahalo.