Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We are on Inov-8's Facebook, please go on and show
some love!!!!

Support from Hawaii! Thanks Fitness Gone Bad!

 ·  ·  · Yesterday at 5:03am
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    • Gavin Cooke Inov-8 all round!
      Yesterday at 5:08am · 

    • Jason Florez I'm interested in the f lite 230 for trails maybe some pavement, I am switching from newtons would you recommend the f lite as a good transition into your shoes?
      Yesterday at 5:10am · 

    • Stephen Williamson I wonder if CrossFitters have become the #1 customer for f-lites.
      Yesterday at 5:33am · 

    • Lance Logan ‎@Jason - I bought the f lite 230's as an experiment. Now I do 90% of my milage (40/week) in them. I use them on trails, pavement, track, cross country. My only reservation is that I'm not sure how long they'll last. I sure do love them though.
      Yesterday at 5:48am · 

    • Jack Cambra Jr. Thank you for a great product!!!
      about an hour ago · 

    • Rick Wood Yeah, if I was there for that WOD, I would be sportin them too... Shoes: Check! Fitness Gone Bad is the compound. Guess all we need is da Kool-aid.
      18 minutes ago · 

    • Danyelle Cano Nice! Fitness Gone Bad LOVES Inov-8's! Thanks for aiding in our addictions!