Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thursday-April 26, 2012

warm up

-450m run
-20 squat hops
-75 unbroken squats
-warm up to deadlift weight

Complete 3 rounds of the following:

In 5 minutes complete a 400 Meter Run
In the remaining time, complete AMRAP of:

7 Sumo Deadlifts  (185lbs, 115lbs)
7 Push-Ups

3 minutes between rounds



  1. Claire - 5+2
    Holy wow.
    Although I felt better than I felt in the last few days, my body was tired and weak and sore and this was SUPER hard for me.
    The runs suck! I hate running. And I am terrible at in in a WOD. So.. I guess its good it was in there.
    I did Rx weight the first two rounds, 115#, but for the 3rd I dropped it to 95# because my back was super lit up from the last few days, and even that hurt it.
    I did knee push ups.
    Blah. Not happy with todays score, but I gave it all I had.

  2. Peanut- 9 rds + 14 (115lbs, knee pushups)
    Today was crazy...I really enjoyed this WOD but it was definitely HARD! My calves have been really tight and tired for a few days but they are really killing me from the double unders yesterday so the run today was not fun!